Sustainable Land - of Tinamastes

Unique opportunity to own one of the last large gorgeous lands in the area

46 Hectares (115 acres)


Pristine spring water from multiple year round springs

Many buildable areas of pasture with ocean, mountain or jungle views

Epic ocean view sunsets

Spring-fed natural swimming pool

Perfect growing climate for growing organic food

Many waterfalls with over 1km over river within the property

Ideal for intentional community, wellness center, or sustainable family homestead

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Features in more detail

Property size and location

Tinamastes - 46 Hectares (115 acres)

Lots for building

Over a dozen building locations, several with excellent ocean views.

Drinking water

Pristine spring water from multiple year round springs.

Who would this property be good for

Ideal for an intentional community, wellness center, or sustainable family homestead. This is one of the more flat and usable properties in the area.

Rivers and waterfalls

Several waterfalls, including one easily accessible from building areas. Over 1km of river including beautiful natural swimming hole.

Rainforest and wildlife corridor

30 hectares (75 acres) of forest, with large trees and successful reforestation including fruit trees within the forest. Connected to the wildlife corridor Paso de la Danta with its incredible biodiversity.


Peaceful ecologically thriving area, in a region with a great mix of foreigners and ticos. Well buffered from the main road, located just a kilometer down a 2wd road.

Temperature and elevation

Ideal elevation of 500-550m (1,650-1,800 feet) above sea level, with cool breezes across the land. This altitude and region offer comfortable temperatures year round, ranging from 20-30 celsius (65-85 fahrenheit).


A few minutes to the Tinamastes organic farmers' market, 22 minutes from the beach Dominical, and 25 minutes to San Isidro for shopping.

Growing food

Superior climate for growing the widest variety of fruits and vegetables. Neighbor is a master organic gardener with a wide variety of species offered.

Families with chiildren

Best option in the area for raising children near other families preferring a more conscious and holistic education, safe area for kids to walk by themselves.

Neighboring community

Strong local community of ticos and expats working together, with an emphasis on organic, sustainable, natural building, renewable energy, and holistic health.


Asking $1.3 million


More about Tinamastes and the Diamante Valley region

We originally found this property after a comprehensive review of all available options from Uvita to San Isidro, and considering over 100 options. The specifications we aimed to fill were quite optimistic, but we found it all in this land. Come feel this magical land and idyllic village, it’s a truly special place on earth.